With an experience for
more than 40 years


Coccodè is born in 1995 as an innovative brand of Confezioni Daniele Srl, artisan firm of clothing and accessories for newborn child and kid to 6 years.

In 1964, Maria Daddi the founder succeeded to create shortly her own women team who, by generations, passed love of cutting out, sewing on and embroiding. She developed her first line of baby sleepsuits, bibs, sets of bed linen, hats and accessories for the infancy.  

Today, her sons keep on their of future with the same passion, enthusiasm and a huge entreprising mind. Coccodè tells our story, our origins, our values that we wish for a comfortable, practical, funny and sophisticated clothing at the same time.



Each cloth results from a precise cycle of production with many control phases. Such attention is dedicated to the high quality of fabrics and the security of the delicate child skin.

Craftmade reality

All of our creations are made with handycraft work's care which is the origin of our family firm.

Elegance Trend

This is the leitmotiv of Coccodè line. All our clothes are realized with extreme precision, working with light and soft fabrics, clean colours : white, blue, brown, grey… a tonalities' palette to ensure every day a perfect harmony and a love philosophy for kids' world.


Coccodè boasts of being present on all the national territory in selected boutiques, fashion store and kids shop to satisfy a more and more pretending and rafinated clientèle.